What I Eat In a Day: Autumn Edition

What I Eat in a Day: Autumn Edition by LivingCoeliac.

Hi and welcome back.

I hope you are enjoying the Autumn season and wrapping up warm to explore the change of season. If you missed last weeks blog, you can check it out here. I showed you how to create my gluten free Apple Tacos which are the perfect treat at this time of year. This week has been a roller coaster of emotions again but in the end we have finally achieved a sale on our house so the waiting game can end. Selling a house when you are living 3 hours away has been a real struggle but hopefully now, we are in the home straight. If you would like a blog post on our journey, please let me know in the comments. The other big thing that happened this week was my very first asthma attacks. It was terrifying on Wednesday evening and on Friday morning I found myself sitting in my parents kitchen attached to oxygen which was not the end of the week I was hoping for. I am still newly diagnosed with asthma so trying to get used to the new limitations to my life. If you would like a blog about my journey with asthma again, please let me know in the comments below. For today, I thought it was time to share another What I Eat in a Day episode when I need comfort food to help me through the week. I hope you enjoy. As always, I will link to any recipe as I go. I hope you enjoy. C. -x-


My work as a Veterinary Nurse means I work shift patterns. On an early shift, I find myself barely able to get out of bed, walk my lovely Labrador Shadow and get ready for work; definitely not in the mood for food. Breakfast on these mornings is often my gluten free waffle segments that I enjoy toasted at work with a drizzle of honey. When I start a bit later, I am trying to make more of an effort with food. For example, Tuesdays are my late shift so this week I treated myself to poached egg and salmon on toast. It is just the meal I needed to relax and enjoy the morning before racing off to work for my shift. I personally love the Warburtons gluten free Tiger Loaf as it is not too sweet and doesn’t fall apart when toasted.

Gluten free salmon and poached egg on toast


When I find the time to cook, I often make sure I have enough for leftovers the next day. With the weather turning grey and miserable outside, I can find myself sinking into a low mood if I have yet another gluten free sandwich I made at home (my go-to option for lunch yet it is never filling or appealing when I sit down). I think lunchtimes are harder for me during the week because my colleagues often go out for food during their lunch break. It is hard not to feel jealous when they come back with a breakfast cob or fast food meal when I struggle to find gluten free options around my work. To try and counter this, I have been taking leftovers for lunch. Last night, I made my gluten free Vegetable Pasta Bake which is the perfect mix of being a healthy dish and comfort food at its best; I mean it’s got pasta, cheese, tomato sauce and chilli – what more do you need? I take a smaller sized portion for my lunchtime meals so I don’t end up coming back to work in a food coma state. If you have leftovers, they make the perfect warm lunch meal without you having to run around trying to make something in the morning.

Gluten Free Roasted Veggie Pasta Bake.


With the weather being cool and damp, taking Shadow for a long walk in the evenings can leave us pretty drenched by the end of it. When I get back, I just want to have a hot shower, change into comfy clothes and enjoy a good meal. I don’t always have time to create a good gluten free recipe from scratch in the evenings and that is why I love the Schwarz gluten free Tikka Massala curry spice pack. You only need to add a few simple ingredients and in 20 minutes, you have an amazing curry to enjoy. It means I am not reaching for the takeout menu and I am not just eating a pre-packaged meal again either. I loved this curry because it wasn’t too spicy but still had the heat to warm me up after getting caught in a downpour with Shadow earlier in the evening. As we are staying with my in-laws at the moment, this meal was great to share with them too. It is those quick and easy meals that you share with family that allow you to create memories. I am the only coeliac in the family but everyone loved this curry and couldn’t tell the difference. I will be sure to purchase this curry mix again.

Schwarz gluten free Tikka Massala curry mix.


Now, I have such a sweet tooth so this What I Eat in a Day would not be complete unless I mentioned my favourite snacks I have been enjoying this Autumn. My first has to be my gluten free Apple Tacos that we enjoyed after our curry. The mix of apple and cinnamon is Autumn for me so to manage to create a new twist on this flavour sensation, is always a win for me.

Another treat I have been loving is the Schar gluten free Tempties. These are mini bite-sized gluten free Ferrero Rocher and the perfect way to indulge my sweet tooth. When I finish work on an early shift and have walked Shadow, I love to curl up on the sofa with a cup of coffee (gingerbread flavoured because Christmas is just around the corner) and enjoy one of these treats. The only problem I have is restraining myself from eating the whole pack in one sitting! If you love Ferrero Rocher and miss the taste, you need to try these out. I picked mine up in Tesco but you can also find them in Asda and Sainsbury’s too.

Gluten free Schär Tempties.

There you go! A What I Eat in a Day: Autumn edition plus a mini-life update too. This season, I am focusing on enjoying good gluten free comfort food and reflecting on the year so far. It has been a journey and a challenge and a total emotional roller coaster but I have created so many memories too. Looking forward to the last 2 and a bit months of the year, I am hoping to enjoy the changes coming our way and “fingers crossed” we will be moved into our new home soon. Wish us luck! Next weeks blog is all about Haloween including my recipe for my Jackolantern Stuffed Peppers so stay tuned.

Have a good week.



I'm Chrissi, a lover of all things food. I love re-creating and adapting recipes so they are gluten free, looking for new gluten free places to eat and more -x-

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