Long Weekend in the Cotswolds

Long Weekend in the Cotswolds

Hi and welcome back.

These past few days I have been house sitting for family in the beautiful Cotswolds and it has given me the perfect opportunity to relax and reflect on the past 6 months. To say 2018 so far has been a whirlwind of change for me, is something of an understatement. I became the luckiest person when I married my best friend at Pendrell Hall exclusive use country house in March. I will be sharing my story on how I found the venue, which food I had and my journey to just be a normal bride and eat her own wedding cake in a later blog, so stay tuned! My two closest friends also got married this year and it was such an honour to organise their hen do and help them celebrate their special days. Unfortunately, life is a roller coaster of emotions and the hardest part of the year for me was losing my last surviving Grandparent – my Grandad. I was never a Mummy’s girl or Daddy’s girl, I was unapologetically a Grandad’s girl. I still miss him, every day. My personal feelings towards my work, family and life have also all struggled this year. Like I said, a whirlwind. I have been on survival mode; just trying to get through each day in tact and not caring for myself or what lay beyond me. Another big thing I have truly struggled with is this blog. I felt lost, unsure on what to post and too scared to make a commitment.

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Let’s Feast from the Big Feastival

This past week away has given me the chance to recover and re-evaluate my priorities. To take that time for me and make new goals. Hopefully, I will move forward taking care of myself and prioritising those things that are important: family, friends and the joy as opposed to getting lost in the process.

For today, I thought I would give you an insight into my relaxing break with some ideas of what I got up to and ideas for food destinations. I hope you enjoy. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding with my absence. I hope you enjoy. C. -x-

Day 1:

We went to the Big Feastival. This is an annual event held in the Cotswolds around the August bank holiday weekend. A 3 day event with great music and lots of food stalls. I was hesitant when it came to my food options. I thought the food would be catered to the traditional burger and friend chicken stands you normally see at music or country festivals. I am so glad to announce I was wrong! I found so many amazing food options and lots of stands were handing out freebie samples that were also gluten free. My favourite samples had to be the Gosh! Moroccan falafels or the Yorkshire Provender Honestly Delish Pea & Spinach soup. I enjoyed the soup so much I bought two flavours to take home and try.

glutenfree, gluten free, livingcoeliac, big feastival, eating out
Food Options at Big Feastival

While freebies are great, they aren’t a full meal. I was surprised to find many of the pop up stands also had plenty of gluten free options. I was tempted by the classic jacket potato from Tom’s Spuds,Paella from Paellaria or the meatballs but what I couldn’t say no to was the Buddha Bowls Budda bowl with added halloumi. So perfect. The best part was finding Bad Brownies with a gluten and dairy free salted caramel chocolate brownie. The free samples of Hippeas organic chickpea puffs were perfect too. If you are ever in the area, I would definitely recommend visiting the Big Feastival.

livingcoeliac, coeliac, glutenfree, gluten free, eating out, hippeas, bad brownies, eating out, tom spuds
Big Feastival Bad Brownie and other options

Day 2:

After eating our fill at the Big Feastival the day before, we took the opportunity to explore the local area. Stunning views of the English countryside and peaceful scenery, there is nothing better. My dog loved it! I would highly recommend the Oxfordshire Bridlepathway. In the evening we went to the Kings Head Inn Bledlington. I would recommend calling early to book because it does get busy very quickly. Almost all dishes can be made gluten free; but for that night I was craving the burger. Yes it comes without the bun, but please do not think it is less of a burger because of it. The spiced burger and amazing chips are a winning combination for me. Dessert was strawberry sorbet, elderflower cream and Swiss meringue. If you are looking for a rustic, typical country pub, this is the place to visit.

gluten free, glutenfree, livingcoeliac, coeliac, kings head bledlington, eating out, cotswolds
Kings Head Bledlington

Day 3:

No holiday is complete for me without visiting a garden centre for a browse and to stop at the café. There is just something so peaceful about it for me; combining retail therapy with coffee. We stopped at Fosseway Garden Centre in Moreton In Marsh for coffee and lunch. The sign said gluten free scones could be made to order which had me more excited than I care to admit. Now, the other scones on display were normal sized so I felt confident indulging on a jacket potato and a scone for lunch. I can’t begin to tell you how shocked I was when the gluten free scone came out. It was massive! I immediately regretted ordering the jacket potato too. I had to take 1/2 my scone home I was so full. Please promise me that if you are even in the area, you will stop and have the gluten free scone.  I assure you, you will not regret it.

glutenfree, gluten free, garden centre, cotswolds, scone, eating out, coffee, jacket potato
Garden Centre gluten free treats

There are more places we visited and indulged in while we were away but for now, I hope I have shown you some inspiration to help you get started. If you are ever in the Cotswolds, now you know you can eat out without worrying.

Thank you for taking the time to read this: Week in the Cotswolds post. I hope you enjoy. Newsletter is now live! Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any future blog posts.

– x-

livingcoeliac, coeliac, big feastival
Big Feastival

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