My Top 15 Things to do During Isolation

Hi and welcome back.

I hope you are okay and enjoying all the blog content so far. It stills seems such a bleak time in the world, and there are days when I don’t feel like it will end. I am currently on self-isolation owing to my asthma. I am finding it very tough and I all I want to do is get in my car and go to work to help all the animals and owners through this time. If you are feeling the same, my thoughts are with you. Just know, you are not “stuck at home, you are safe at home” and together, we can all get through this.

If you are struggling to find motivation to get through the day, please know you are not alone. Today, I thought I would share My Top 20 Things to do During Isolation, to give you some ideas or guidance to help you through the days. Let me know in the comments below, what your top things to do are.

1. Read all the books you always wanted to.

Now I am a total bookaholic so this has to be one of my top things to do during isolation. My life has been so busy lately so my to-read list has just kept growing. You don’t have to get through as many books as I do but set yourself the goal of reading one book a week. It is a great way to relax and switch off from the world. I am starting with Pet Semetary by Stephen King.

My Self-Isolation Reading List 2020

2. Take the day off and pamper yourself.

What better way to spend your time in self-isolation than having a full on pamper day? I ordered a charcoal face mask online and am looking forward to spending Sunday evening curled up with a book and looking after my skin.

3. Have a games night with family over skype.

Just because we are on self-isolation, doesn’t mean you can’t speak to family. We have been loving having family games night over Facebook Messenger. It becomes loud and hectic but we are spending time together despite the distance.

4. Download that game and enjoy it.

Sims 4 anyone?

5. Bake that recipe you always wanted to.

Easily one of the best things about having so much time at home is having the opportunity to bake. I have been working on a gluten free, dairy free no yeast Bread recipe that I hope to share with you soon. In the meantime, why not check out my Banana Bread recipe or Plain Flour Cupcake recipe if you are looking for ideas.

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Baked Banana Bread

6. Message that old friend.

With the current state of the world, it can be hard to not to find yourself looking over your life. I lost contact with a lot of people in my life, and so I have used this time to reach out and reconnect with friends and family. Just because we can’t see each other, doesn’t mean we have to lose contact.

7. Exercise daily, even if its just for 10 minutes.

I have taken up Yoga and try to do it every day to relax and calm me. It is amazing how much better I have been sleeping now too.

8. Spend time with the family you are self-isolating with.

Now, I am not saying go and visit friends and family but if you are self-isolating with others, take this opportunity to spend time together. It can be very tough and stress levels can run high, particularly when you can’t leave, so we try to make Saturday nights family nights. We all sit down, play games and hang out. It is a great way to enjoy the weekend and grow these relationships.

Spend time with those you are self-isolating with.

9. Spend a day, or 5, watching all the shows you always wanted to.

Since Disney Plus was released I have been watching back to back Disney films and not feeling guilty.

10. Start that new hobby.

What better time to start that new hobby then right now? I have recently picked up my camera again and loving getting creative. Why not try SKillShare for more inspiration?


11. Journal daily, or start a journal.

One day, you may want to look back at this time on your life.

12. Volunteer for your local community.

Even if you are furloughed (in the UK) you can still help support your local community. Please make sure it is safe for you to do so! What better thing to do than to help out others?

13. Take that one walk a day and explore your local neighbourhood.

As I am writing this, we are still allowed one walk a day in the UK. I have used it as an excuse to find new walks and to explore my local area. It means we are not getting bored with the same walk everyday. I challenge you to get out and explore your local area too.

Explore your local area.

14. Spring clean your home.

Boring but so satisifying. I am one of those naturally irritating clean-freaks who finds cleaning relaxing. Even if you are not, you can still do this and your home or room will feel so much better for it.

15. Look into Eco-Friendly alternatives

I changed from shop-bought plastic container shampoo and conditioner to a shampoo bar last year and the difference is incredible. My hair is now stronger, thicker and silkier and less likely to tangle. There was a transition period to go through and my hair did become greasy initially, so this period of self-isolation would be great for that. The Zero Waste Path have an online shop with some great products to try. my favourite has to be the Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar.

Zero Waste Path Shop

So there you go! 15 Things to Do During Isolation. I hope this blog post gives you ideas to help enjoy this current time and keeps you busy. If you do any of these ideas, please let me know in the comments below. Or let me know what you are enjoying doing at this time. Personally, I have loved baking and creating new recipes and journaling.



I'm Chrissi, a lover of all things food. I love re-creating and adapting recipes so they are gluten free, looking for new gluten free places to eat and more -x-

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