My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine

Hi and welcome back.

Today I thought I would share my morning routine with you. I love reading these and watching videos on YouTube so thought I would share mine to give you some inspiration on breakfasts. I hope you enjoy. C. -x-

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Morning Sunrise

My morning often starts at 6am where I get up and start my morning skin care and get coffee. Although I am a morning person in that I am more productive earlier in the day, mornings are not my strong suit without coffee. I put my first morning coffee in a thermos flask so I can take it with me on the rest of my morning routine. My mornings start early for a few reasons: I have a dog who I love to take out first thing in the morning, I am not very engaged after I have woken up so I find I take longer in the mornings than I normally do and my morning commute to work can take up to an hour with traffic, so I have to leave early to ensure I am not late. I have an almost fear of being late so I often turn up at work 10 minutes early which I find helps me settle into my shift.

I love the early morning walk. It is so calm and peaceful to walk around my village with a thermos coffee and no traffic or sounds around. I am very fortunate at the moment that I live in the countryside so in the winter, I get a perfect view of the sunrise. It is one of the only advantages of being up so early; watching the sky change from the black of night to the early morning. The cold weather, rain and wind – maybe not so much of a good morning but on clear days, I find this walk the perfect way to start the day. My dog Shadow loves being up and about and we often meet another fellow dog walker who is also up at a silly time. Shadow loves interacting with other dogs on our morning walk and never fails to make me smile. Its hard to feel disgruntled at getting up early when I see Shadow running around in the early morning light.

Now, for the most important part of the day and probably the reason you are reading this blog; breakfast. I am often in a rush so I generally race out the house to beat the morning traffic and arrive at work 10 minutes early to enjoy breakfast. My options for breakfast vary day to day but I love taking a couple of home-made gluten free waffle segments that I then toast before drizzling with honey and topping with fresh berries. Other options I love include Tesco’s Free From Berry Granola, Free From Cornflakes, home-made gluten free blueberry muffins or just a simple piece of toast. I am particularly partial to adding chocolate spread to toast – definitely a sweet tooth lovers dream. If I have been super organised, I enjoy fried egg on toast but this is only reserved for mornings when I don’t snooze my alarm for the second time in the row. If I do get stuck in traffic, my go-to option is gluten free Nutri-brex with raisins and warm milk.

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Gluten free breakfasts

I am currently working on blog posts for the gluten free waffles and gluten free blueberry muffins, so please stay tuned. I often find I am not too hungry in the mornings but I have learnt I need to be prepared and bring food with me. If not, my only real options are McDonalds for a hash brown or Costa for a chocolate brownie – not exactly the best food to eat on a daily basis though perfect for an indulgent treat. I find these generally keep me going until 11am.

After 11am, I start getting peckish. This is why I keep snacks on me at all times. My current favourite go to options include: sweet Popcorn, carrot sticks with Red Pepper Humous or a homemade cupcake. Perfect bite sized treat that will tide me over until lunchtime.

After breakfast, its time for work. I am a Veterinary Nurse so my day often involves: admitting patients for surgery, setting up theatre, helping the Veterinary Surgeon with consultations, monitoring anaesthetics and recovery of patients, cleaning, discharging patients, consulting and so much more. So having a small yet filling breakfast helps me keep my energy levels going through the work morning.

I hope this morning routine has given you an insight into my life and an ideas for breakfast. Remember that just because you are gluten-free doesn’t mean your breakfasts have to be a piece of fruit or really complicated. Breakfast can be as simple as a breakfast bar, toast, cereal or quick but indulgent as waffles or muffins.

Let me know what you enjoy for breakfast on those busy mornings, I am always looking for new options.

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