How I am trying to be more Ecofriendly this Spring 2019

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Hi and welcome back.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and the 4 day week back at work didn’t make you wish you could have stayed in bed all week instead. If you have missed any of my other Spring blog posts you can check out the Easter Cornflake Nest Cakes and What I Eat In an Day: Weekend Addition for more Spring content. My blog is mainly focused around food and gluten free living but with the recent increased effort to prevent further damage to our environment climate change, I decided to share how I am trying to be more eco-friendly and help the environment this Spring. I hope you enjoy. C. -x-


Last year, I undertook a no-spend challenge to try and reduce my impact on the planet and break my shopping addiction. You can check out my blog posts here if you would like to see my journey. This month in particular, we are really being made aware of just how damaging the impact of fast fashion is having on our planet and the effects of global warming. David Attenborough Climate Change: The Facts really opened my eyes to just how much of an impact we are creating on our world. With this in mind, I am trying to be more conscious of my spending in 2019 and trying to reduce my impact on the environment. With this in mind, I have not bought any clothes since January when I needed to replace one of my tops. Instead, I have been loving using the capsule wardrobe system to re-discover new ways to wear my clothes. My navy blue blazer from Joules is still one of the most loved pieces in my wardrobe but I am now experimenting wearing it with jeans and a t-shirt for a more casual day look as well as dressing it up in the evenings with a skirt or dress. I urge you to challenge yourself with the items you already own; I can promise you it is much more fun to find new ways to wear your current clothes than to always feel you need to buy the on-trend pieces.

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Joules Navy Blazer

Spring Cleaning/ decluttering

This is an event that we as British people, seem to undertake every year. The moment the weather becomes warmer and we can finally go outside and enjoy the slightly warmer temperatures, we turn our attention to our houses and feel the urge to de-clutter. With lots of tv documentaries on now about how to de-clutter, it is no wonder we are now all getting into the spirit of it. While I have found reducing my possessions and cleaning my house to be greatly beneficial for me; I am really starting to worry about the impact of my de-cluttering on the environment. As I have mentioned previously, I was a bit of a shopoholic. While I focused on clothes as my main problem, I can not deny that my shopping addiction reached beyond the local high street stores. We are in the process of moving and I am really becoming overwhelmed at just how much stuff I have bought. I don’t want to waste my money by throwing them away but neither do I want them on display all the time. Instead, I have held evenings where my friends have come round and helped themselves to the vast number of books I have read but no longer enjoy. I am looking into alternative ways to re-purpose things too and decorations are being put away so I can bring them out in Autumn and decorate my house and not get fed up with seeing the same things.

Take Coffee with you

I have been using a reusable coffee cup for the last year and have seen how much making my coffee at home, rather than buying one. I am honestly a convert to this now. I try to make my coffees more exciting by adding syrups to them. My favourite are the Monin syrups; the gingerbread flavour is my go-to from 1st November while the Vanilla and Caramel are perfect for the rest of the year. I try to buy a larger bottle and store it to waste less plastic. These are also the syrups found in most large coffee shops so I don’t feel like I am missing out. One of the other benefits to making coffee at home and taking it with you, aside from saving yourself £5 each time, is that you aren’t using disposable cups. These cups contain plastic so can’t be recycled. If you do love a morning coffee from a Coffee Shop, take a reusable coffee mug with you – you often get discount on it too!

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Reusable coffee cup and Monin gluten free syrup

Reusable Cutlery

This point is similar to the reusable coffee cup. However, while I feel I have got the knack of bringing reusable coffee cups with me (trust me, a collapsible coffee cup is brilliant and well worth investing in) I am not so great with the reusable cutlery. I found this to be a problem when we visited a National Trust site recently and stopped for an ice cream on the way back. You can check out other food I have found at the National Trust by looking at this blog post here. Now, the cones aren’t gluten free so we have to have the tub option. I was fine until I realised I had to use a plastic spoon and consume more plastic. I went home and found my parents had reusable camping cutlery and now I make sure I carry this with me whenever I head out. You can find similar ones on Amazon or why not take a set of plastic cutlery you have lying in the back of the drawer?

Reducing Meat Consumption

Now, it wouldn’t be a blog from me if I didn’t include how I am trying to help the environment through my food consumption. It is no surprise to anyone that meat production is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. I am ashamed to admit that I eat meat at least 5 times a week and that is after completing mini-monthly challenges to reduce my meat consumption. I have decided for the month of May to have a No Meat Month in a hope to further break the lifelong habit of being told I need to meat to have a “proper” meal. With this in mind, I have been trying new no-meat recipes. My favourite got published on Thursday my gluten free Broccoli and Cheddar Pasta Bake. Check it out if you want a filling dish that you can serve to friends and family or make ahead and freeze portions for whenever you are craving comfort food. Other foods I have been loving include: stuffed red peppers and you just can’t beat a Sunday Roast with Tesco gluten free gravy.

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Gluten free Broccoli and Cheddar Pasta Bake

There you go! The ways I am trying to be more eco-friendly this month. Essentials. I hope you enjoyed. Let me know what your tips are for this Spring. Newsletter is now live! Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out.



I'm Chrissi, a lover of all things food. I love re-creating and adapting recipes so they are gluten free, looking for new gluten free places to eat and more -x-

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