Eating Out – McDonalds

Eating Out – McDonalds

Disclaimer: This is based on the McDonalds in the UK, other countries may differ. While these products contain no gluten in their ingredients, they are prepared and cooked in a gluten-containing kitchen. Please do ask about allergies before ordering.

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Today I thought I would continue my Eating Out Series. There aren’t many fast food restaurants that cater to coeliacs, but at McDonalds we at least have some options on both the breakfast and main menus. I hope this helps you. I treat myself to a McDonalds breakfast every time I work on a Saturday or at the weekend because if I have to be working, then I deserve a treat. I generally have something from the main menu if I am out at a concert or have  to stop at the services on my long drive home. I like knowing I have options available that I can trust. I hope you enjoy. C. -x-


Somedays, you just need a greasy breakfast or snack and knowing that there aren’t too many options for us, makes it more challenging. I feel like today I do not want to be healthy. I do not want to eat fruit and yoghurt for breakfast when it is dark and cold outside and I am already at work. On my drive to work, I pass a McDonalds and this morning, I gave into the temptation. I find quick gluten-free breakfasts difficult to find but I am happy to report that the hash brown on McDonalds’ breakfast menu is gluten-free. Sadly it is the only option (for now at least) in terms of food but does fix the greasy food craving quickly. I picked up 2 hash browns and had them alongside the McDonalds toffee latte. I used to hate fried potatoes as a child and could think of nothing worse than a has brown for breakfast. Since being diagnosed, I am more open about food and it turns out I am now obsessed. This breakfast keeps me going until 11am at which point I need a snack. I also love the toffee lattes; I simply can not get enough. I even add extra sugar to mine for that total sweet indulgence.

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McDonalds breakfast

Main Menu

The main menu does contain some food we can eat, though it is a sad time to realise we still can not have the burger, chicken nuggets or most of the snack options. As a kid, I loved the treat of getting McDonalds.  Now I am a coeliac I can have the chips, fruit bags and plain grilled chicken salads. I must admit I have received some very odd looks from the staff over the years when I have ordered a salad. In one place, the server looked very confused, turned to her colleague and asked “do we even sell salads?” Not the auspicious start I was hoping for! However, the salad does satisfy that craving.

It helps in someways in that we eat less junk food because most of it contains gluten. I like knowing that if I am in a tight fix, or just simply starving, I can supplement the snacks in my bag with their chips. It is great to know we can get a quick snack of chips whenever there is a McDonalds close by.

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McDonalds main menu

I hope this blog helps you if you are ever in a tight jam and need a bite to eat quickly.

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