Eating Out: Cricketts Inn

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Disclaimer: Please speak to the staff to check gluten free options before ordering.

Hi and welcome back.

Today I am back with another addition in my Eating Out mini-series; the Cricketts Inn pub in Swadlincote, Derbyshire. I just love eating out at new places, finding gluten free food without the hassle. I first moved to Derbyshire 3 years ago and always pass this pub on my route to work, to visit family or whenever I am out and about. Our first trip showed me there were so many gluten free options, and as time has passed they just keep getting better and better. Last week, I got a new job so we came to the Cricketts Inn to celebrate and completely indulged in such wonderful food. I would highly recommend a visit if you are ever in the area. I hope you enjoy this insight. C. -x-

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Cricketts Inn


The Cricketts Inn has a range of starters on the menu and can adapt most to gluten free. While I was torn by the Soup of the Day, there is nothing like being able to share a starter with a friend or loved one. One of the things I love most about eating out with friends and family, is being able to share a starter with them. The Cricketts Inn serve my all time favourite sharing starter; Halloumi Fries served with sweet chilli, mint yoghurt and salad. I have a total weakness for halloumi and so to share this dish with friends was the perfect treat. The salty halloumi fries are perfect with the sweet chilli dip and sliced pepper.

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Halloumi Fries sharing starter


Now, one main menu option I am obsessed with is a burger. I am on a seemingly never-ending search for a gluten free burger whenever I eat out. Normally if there is a gluten free burger on the menu, I choose the bacon and cheese option. The burgers at the Cricketts Inn are so much more exciting! I was in burger-heaven looking at all my options; all can be made gluten free. My other half couldn’t resist the United States burger; a beef burger with bacon, cheese, lettuce gherkin, tomato and burger sauce – a classic. However, I had to have The Italian Job the moment I saw it on the menu. Again a beef burger but this one is served with melted mozzarella, prosciutto, pesto and rocket. Need I say more? The bun held up despite the incredible fillings and was just this burger lovers dream. The meal also comes with gluten free chips! Which for me, is the only accompaniment to a burger.

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The Italian Job burger


Now, despite being full to almost the point of pain, I can never skip dessert. We were celebrating after all! There are only a couple of desserts on the menu that are gluten free which can seem like a downer initially. But please trust me when I say you will not feel like you are missing out! They have the traditional ice cream and sorbets but I was swayed towards the Eton Mess Sundae; a heavenly mountain of whipped cream, crushed meringues and strawberry slices. I know this is considered a summer dessert but I love that I could find it in the middle of winter. This dessert is a sweet-tooth lovers dream come true – and it wasn’t a small portion either! As you can tell, I was in love with the dessert the moment it came out.

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Chrissi from LivingCoeliac enjoying Eton Mess

Thank you for taking the time to read this Eating Out addition. If you ever visit, please let me know by tagging me on Instagram using #livingcoeliac or by sharing pictures directly to my Facebook page. Newsletter is now live! Don’t forget to subscribe so you do not miss out on any future blog posts.


livingcoeliac, living coeliac, eatingout, eating out, glutenfree, gluten free, burger, gluten free burger,
The Italian Job burger
glutenfree, gluten free, eatingout, eating out, livingcoeliac, living coeliac, coeliac, dessert, cricketts inn
Dessert at Cricketts Inn


I'm Chrissi, a lover of all things food. I love re-creating and adapting recipes so they are gluten free, looking for new gluten free places to eat and more -x-

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