Eating out – Beefeater

Eating out – Beefeater

Hi and welcome back.

Today I am back with another instalment of my Eating Out series; this time its the multi-chain pub Beefeater. I was down in Basingstoke a few weekends ago catching up with friends and family and we decided to go out to eat. For us, the closest place was a Beefeater called The Spruce Goose. Sometimes, I find multi-chain pubs can either be really good at catering to the coeliac, or I find myself looking at a forest of a binder, trying to find anything that doesn’t contain gluten. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I get when I find something that doesn’t contain gluten and then realise its mayonnaise, or peppercorn sauce.

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Halloumi Salad

Thankfully, the Spruce Goose have created a gluten free menu which means I do not have to waste time perusing through a binder. Unfortunately, the prices aren’t listed on the non-gluten containing ingredients menu. This meant I had to make a selection, then search through the normal menu to find the price. I do struggle with this a little bit because it was hard to look through a menu with a good selection of gluten free options and then see all the items excluded to me just to look for the price.

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Beefeater NGCI menu

Anyway, once you do look at the menu there are a variety of selections available for starters, mains and deserts. While I was sorely tempted by Beef Crisps or Loaded Potato Dippers (with cheese and spring onion, or a cheese, bacon and spring onion option) to start we were short on time so opted for just mains and to consider deserts later. The options for mains was a good selection too which doesn’t just limit us to the the traditional salad option. Again, I was tempted by the BBQ Chicken ‘n’ Pork Ribs or Halloumi Salad  but couldn’t resist the  Smoky Paprika Chicken with a side salad and upgraded the normal chips (which are gluten free) to sweet potato fries.  The meal was tasty and the sweet potato fries definitely satisfied my craving.

eatingout, eating out, beefeater, mains, chicken, coeliac, livingcoeliac, living coeliac
Smoky Paprika Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries

The desert options – for the sweet tooth – are limited to Lemon Curd Sorbet or Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt which I didn’t opt for as the main meal is so filling.

If you are ever looking for a meal out with family and friends, just know the Spruce Goose has a variety of non-gluten containing options that are tasty, won’t blow the budget and so much better than a salad not that there is anything wrong with that.

eatingout, beefeater, livingcoeliac
Beefeater, Spruce Goose

Thank you for reading this Eating Out addition. If you ever visit a Beefeater, please let me know by tagging me on Instagram using #livingcoeliac or by sharing photos directly to my Facebook page. Let me know where else you would like to see in this mini-series. Newsletter coming soon, don’t forget to subscribe so you do not miss out on any future blog posts.


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