Driving Home for Christmas

Driving Home for Christmas

Driving home for Christmas, I can’t wait to see those faces, Driving home for Christmas

Disclaimer: These are just my experiences on Eating Out at services. Please check with the staff before ordering.

Hi and welcome back.

So it is that time of year again. Lots of travelling to and fro between friends and family celebrating the Christmas joy. For me, it involves lots of driving on the motorways and stopping at services for a quick snack to pick me up during that long journey of never-ending red lights. I always thought finding a quick dinner would be easy despite being a coeliac. I mean, I’m not the only one travelling to and from places am I? It turns out, it is much harder than I realise. My first stop at the services looking for tea after becoming a coeliac was a nightmare. I think I left with a pack of ready salted Kettle Crisps and a Coke – I was starving and very grumpy by the time I made it to my destination. Nowadays, I have a larger meal before I travel and just pick up a quick snack but there are still places I would recommend for a lighter bite to eat. I hope you enjoy. C. -x-.


This has to be one of my top favourite places to eat. I have only seen them at Warwick services though I know they have branches at other services too. They are great for a jacket potato or salad and fruit and not too expensive. They have a range of jacket potato toppings including: cheese and beans, cheese, beans, chicken and avocado or salmon and cream cheese. My weakness however was the cheese and bacon, definitely my new go-to when I am passing that way .

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Jacket Potato at Tossed

Fast food restaurants

See my blog post on Eating Out: McDonalds for full information.

There are options on the menu for the gluten free but do expect the odd look from the cashier. Our options are the chips, basic grilled chicken salad and drinks. It is definitely a quick bite and not exactly what you are craving when you go into McDonalds but at least its filling and something other than a packet of crisps. (As a quick note, we can only have the chips and drinks at Burger King and I have yet to find food we can eat at KFC).

livingcoeliac, coeliac, glutenfree, gluten free, mcdonalds, eating out
McDonalds main menu

Cafe Nero and other Coffee Shops

A go to place for coffee, cakes and sandwiches for most commuters. I am finding I am struggling more and more with these chain coffee shops to find gluten free food (other than the brownie of course). My new go-to coffee shop for food is Cafe Nero; I tried there Chicken, Butternut Squash and Lentil Salad recently and was so impressed with the taste and it wasn’t too expensive. Obviously, I couldn’t resist the brownie either!

glutenfree, gluten free, salad, livingcoeliac, living coeliac, coeliac, salad, brownie, cafe nero, coffee shops, take out food
Gluten free options at Cafe Nero


This is a good option if you are looking for a quick sandwich or salad (sensing a theme here?). Most services have at least one gluten free option in the larger stores.  My favourite has to be the Marks and Spencer Christmas sandwich or the 3-bean Mexican wrap. The problem is that they can be difficult to find, not available at every services as they often sell out and are really only for a light bite. I am also enjoying the new Tescos gluten free sandwiches – the Cheese and Onion one is my favourite and such a nice break from chicken or bacon.

gluten free, glutenfree, livingcoeliac, living coeliac, coeliac, eating out, supermarket, marks and spencers, tescos
Supermarket Options

Own snacks

I often bring my own snacks and food for the long journeys and buy a nice hot chocolate or coffee from the services if I need that extra pick me up. My go to staples are pizza, home made sandwiches which I can make exciting or a Too Good To Be Pork Pie or Genius Sausage Rolls . I then supplement this with chips from McDonald’s or a chocolate bar.

glutenfree, gluten free, livingcoeliac, living coeliac, coeliac, eating out, genius, sausage roll, genius sausage roll, too good to be pork pie
Home Bought Snacks

If you guys have any other options, I would be very grateful to hear them. Let me know what you find so we can all enjoy food at services. If you enjoy any gluten free food at the services, please let me know by tagging me on Instagram using #livingcoeliac or sharing pictures directly to my Facebook page. Newsletter is now live! Don’t forget to subscribe so you do not miss out on any future blog posts.

Merry Christmas and safe journeys.


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