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Sometimes you cant beat getting takeout, right? Those go to options such as – pie and chips, curry, fish and chips or the classic pizza. I seem to be on the never ending search for gluten free options and I must admit I have been gluten-ed more times than I care to count. Yet I still miss these take out options so I have come up with my go-to options when I am craving the takeout food but don’t want to risk the gluten. I hope you enjoy. C. -x-


I love this dish; my favourites include the Korma, Tikka Massala or the Bhuna. In other words, the milder dishes. I enjoy appreciating the taste of food and not crying from the level of spice. My brother in law has almost iron-like taste buds and will happily eat a Vindaloo without a problem; a dish I wouldn’t be able to manage even with an endless tub of cooling sauce and a pint of milk! Regardless of your preference in flavours, there are ready to cook gluten free options for you. My go to include Schwartz gluten free Tikka Masalla or Patak’s jar sauces which are gluten free. (Do check the packaging first though). I often pair my curry with side dishes such as the Waitrose gluten free naan breads, Patak’s plain poppadoms and pilau rice.

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Gluten Free chicken tikka massala

Chip Shop

A British classic; the humble chippy. There are more and more gluten free fish and chip shops that are popping up over the country but sadly, there are none close to where I live so I end up adapting. I often bulk cook chips from scratch and freeze them ahead of time. If you would like the recipe, please let me know in the comments below. If I haven’t, I buy the McCain gluten free chips or Mash Direct Beer Battered Chips. They are both quick and simple to cook with the perfect crisp outing but fluffy interior. For fish, I am a sucker for the Marks and Spencer or BirdsEye gluten free cod fillets or salmon fish cakes. Now, not everyone likes fish and one of my friends enjoys getting a pie from the chippy. Gluten free pies are getting better all the time. My favourite has to be the Pieminster gluten free Heidi; a shortcrust pasty pie filled with goats cheese, sweet potato and spinach. Heaven on a plate. I always have my chip shop meal with homemade mushy peas.

coeliac, livingcoeliac, glutenfree, gluten free, chippy options, fish, chips, pie
Gluten free Chippy options

Italian – pizza

The King of takeout and my personal favourite. Now I know Dominos provide a gluten free takeout option but they can get costly if you get them as much as I do. (Pizza addict here). If you want a cheaper alternative and still get that pizza takeout experience, my choices include: Tesco gluten free margherita or the Marks and Spencer Sourdough Pizza. Of course, I can’t resist dough balls or garlic bread for the ultimate doughy indulgence. Again, Tesco’s and Marks and Spencer’s do amazing gluten free garlic dough balls that won’t break the budget.

coeliac, livingcoeliac, gluten free, pizza
Gluten free Pizza Options
glutenfree, gluten free, pizza, dough balls, garlic, living coeliac, livingcoeliac
gluten free pizza and dough balls


This isn’t my preferred takeout option and I really struggled to find gluten free options. You can make gluten free Chinese at home following recipes for egg fried rice and using the Kikkoman Tamari gluten free soy sauce, you can make a good dish. If anyone has any recommendations for gluten free Chinese at home, please let me know. I do miss the pork in black bean sauce and lemon chicken.

There you go, my go to options for when i am craving take out food that I know is gluten free. I hope you enjoyed. If you enjoy any of these recommendations, or have a different favourite (particularly for Chinese food), please let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter so you do not miss out on any future blog posts.



I'm Chrissi, a lover of all things food. I love re-creating and adapting recipes so they are gluten free, looking for new gluten free places to eat and more -x-

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