5 Tips to Change Your Diet

5 Tips to Change Your Diet

Disclaimer: if you are thinking about changing your diet, please contact a doctor for medical advise. This post details the 5 things that helped me as I changed me diet.

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Today I thought I would share my top 5 tips that helped me to change from a gluten containing diet to a gluten free diet. I hope they help you. Changing to a gluten free diet can be daunting and scary. I was terrified. I didn’t want to lose my favourite foods and I didn’t know how to find the energy to always be assessing my foods. Turns out, it wasn’t as scary or hard as I expected it to be. Below are my 5 tips I used to help alter my diet.

1. Contact a doctor and nutritionist for advice

I really can’t stress this enough. Medical staff are vital in this transition to ensure you are receiving the correct nutrients and don’t become deficient in any vital nutrients, vitamins or minerals.

2. Be honest with what you eat

I found this to be the hardest thing when I was changing my diet. I was almost a secret eater; I didn’t want to admit I had that biscuit in the afternoon when I got home for work and certainly wasn’t proud of the fact I was snacking on sausage rolls or chocolate as I was cooking tea. The problem I had was these foods contained gluten and I had not given them as much thought when I transitioned over. I had to be honest with myself; I was never going to get the full benefits I was hoping for from eating a gluten free diet if I was snacking on sausage rolls. Having said that, I am now obsessed with the Genius gluten free sausage rolls and devour those at any chance I get.

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Savory snacks

3. Get support from family and friends

The people close to you are your main support network. Blogs and videos can help inspire you but those moments when the cravings hit, you need support closer to home. They don’t have to eat the gluten free diet and it can be unfair to expect them to do so. However, get them on board. Persuade them to have stay in cooking nights; spend time with family cooking meals from scratch that don’t contain gluten and you will be surprised how much better you all feel. Why not try Easy Tomato Sauce from this blog to make a tasty chicken pasta dish? Or how about a Chilli?

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4. Be creative when you go out to eat and you will be surprised by the options available

When you do go out and need a bite to eat, there are so many places that serve gluten free foods. Why not check out the Eating Out mini-series on this blog for more inspiration? I went to the Genting Arena at the end of 2017 and was surprised by the options available – I couldn’t resist the Raspberry and White Chocolate muffin. My advice would be to take snacks with you but always be on the lookout for gluten free items wherever you go, there are more than I was expecting.

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Gluten free treats

5. Don’t buy every gluten free product on the first trip

Losing most of the supermarket now you are a coeliac or eating gluten free can be a bit daunting when doing the food shop. I am going to be honest, I love shopping and searching for different food products to cook with. I panicked when I realised all I had to shop with was an aisle at best. I bought so much gluten free food when I was first diagnosed and never ate most of it. I feel awful but I was so scared of having limited options that I wanted to try it all straight away and then couldn’t manage it. I would highly recommend buying 1 or 2 products initially (a bread and a chocolate variation is a great starting point) and slowly experimenting. The food isn’t going anywhere if you don’t buy it straight away.

glutenfree, gluten free, living coeliac, livingcoeliac, coeliac
gluten free treats

Finally, have fun with the journey and have an open mind! Sure you are going to have to take more care with food but it is not going to be dull.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post on the 5 tips I used to change my diet. Do remember to speak to your Doctor and a Nutritionist before changing your diet.


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